10 Things You Should Never Do With Aluminum Foil

Here are 10 things you should avoid doing with aluminum foil:

Use foil in the microwave – It can cause sparks that could damage the appliance.

Wrap food acidic, like tomatoes directly – Acids through contact can pit and corrode the foil.

Wrap acidic or salty dishes for long-term storage – Better to transfer to glass or plastic after initial cooking.

Wrap pots or pans still hot from the cooktop/oven – Temperature differences can cause foil to ignite.

Wrap directly around food or place in direct contact with flames – Emissions from burning foil pose health risks.

Crumple foil and place in recycle bin – Keep foil flat and clean for best recycling outcomes.

Use heavily soiled foil for food contact again – Hygienic to discard foil after touching raw meats etc.

Place foil in compost – It may not fully degrade and can ruin organic matter.

Leave foil wrappings in landfill – As an infinitely recyclable material, it belongs in recycling facilities.

Pollute waterways – Foil and foil waste should always be properly disposed of or recycled.

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