5 Types of Checkered Aluminum Plate

There are a few key types of checkered aluminum plate that Shandong Qinglai Aluminum Co., Ltd offers depending on customer needs and applications:

Diamond Plate – The classic checker pattern featuring raised diamond shapes is durable and provides slip-resistance. It’s available in various gauges.

Square Plate – For applications where diamonds may collect debris, square plate offers similar traction in an easier-to-clean pattern.

Perforated Plate – Featuring smaller holes between raised squares, this type allows liquid/material to pass through while maintaining a textured surface grip.

Anti-Skid Plate – An aggressive gritty texture provides maximum traction even when wet or oily conditions could pose risks. It’s ideal for industrial flooring.

Treadplate – A subtle raised ridge pattern looks handsome in décor applications while preventing slips, especially on stair treads and landings.

We also offer checkering in alloys like 6061 and 3003 aluminum to suit varied needs.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, as specification is important for safety and performance. Shandong Qinglai Aluminum Co., Ltd’s quality plate has many solutions!

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