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Company Profile

Shandong Qinglai Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 as a manufacturer and supplier specialising in high-grade aluminium.

We make a wide variety of premium aluminium materials including aluminium sheets, aluminium plates, aluminium cold and hot rolled coils and strips, aluminium foils, aluminium lattice coils and plates,
and colour-coated aluminium sheets and coils.

Our products are 100% certified to SGS and other international standards with many loyal customers in Europe, USA, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America. Our annual export volume exceeds 1,000,000 tonnes.

Our Factory & Office

Shandong Qinglai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has the hot-rolling production line, and secondary aluminum process technical equipments including color coated aluminum production line, aluminum tread production line, and cutting and slitting production line. Our products are now widely used in the fields of construction, decoration, household goods, machinery maching and automotive part etc. 

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Business Market

The products can be widely used in many fields of national production such as rail vehicles, automobile manufacturing, new energy batteries, power battery trays, water-cooled plates, inverters, 5G communications, UHV power transmission, and pharmaceutical and food packaging.

Global Market

Developed many loyal customers in Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, Middle East , Africa, South America, etc.

Company Philosophy

Sustainable development

Sustainable practices are a priority to respect the planet and serve future generations via responsible aluminum production. Developing innovative solutions supports continued progress.


Objectivity is extremely important for an aluminum supplier like myself. I strive to present customers with accurate, balanced information so they can make well-informed decisions.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminum production is energy-intensive. Major efforts are taken to use renewable energy sources and implement efficient smelting technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

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